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Freight Forklift

Product description

Introduction of pallet fork

I. Pallet fork fitting, equivalent to a manipulator hung on forklift truck, allows the pallet fork to become a multipurpose and high-efficiency material carrying tool which can almost carry out forking, clamping, pushing, pulling, lateral movement and rotation on any imaginable objects to be carried, thus improving the logistics efficiency, reducing the production cost, avoiding damage to cargoes and saving warehousing space. The pallet fork fitting is widely applied to the industries such as warehousing, papermaking, packaging, printing, tobaccos, household appliances, wine & beverage, wool-cotton textiles, wharfs at ports, railways, automobile manufacturing, iron and steel smelting, chemical engineering and buildings.

II. Pallet forks of special specifications can be provided according to customers’ requirements.

III. Besides common hook type pallet fork, we will also provide live load pallet fork, explosion-proof pallet fork, hood-shaped pallet fork, folding pallet fork, sleeve type pallet fork, pallet fork lengthener, drum type pallet fork, wood pallet fork, square pallet fork, profile pallet fork and other special pallet forks.

Forklift truck can be equipped with pallet forks with different lengths for picking and carrying cargoes, to fulfill the aim that one machine has multiple functions.

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