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ZL-50 snow shovel of loader

Product description

Main features

1. Plough plate type snow shovel is adjustable in two-way angle, and its width can be customized according to the model of customer. The snow shovel can swing left and right +/-30 degrees, and the swing angle can be randomly adjusted;

2. Operating speed: 30-60 km/h;

3. Driver can operate various actions of the snow shovel in the cab, and the snow shovel is convenient, quick, safe and reliable;

4. During snow removal, the shovel blade of the snow shovel has self-adjusting function according to the gradient of a cross slope on the road;

5. It is easy, simple and convenient to install snow shovel on vehicle or remove from the vehicle;

6. The snow shovel is reasonable in structure, and can push snow to one side at low-speed operation and throw up the snow at high-speed operation;

7. The avoiding function lies in overall avoiding of the shovel body; when any point on the shovel blade come across an obstacle, the whole shovel plate turns over, so that the shovel plate and the vehicle can be effectively protected, and the maximum obstacle crossing height is 260 mm.

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