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Small Hand-guided Excavator

Product description

Parameters of mini small-size excavator

Operating weight


Capacity of bucket


System working pressure


Max. excavating depth


Max. excavating radius


Max. excavating width


Max. excavation height


Max. excavation depth


Excavator rotation angle




Mini ExcavatorSize (L*W*H)


Walking tractor size (L*W*H)


The small-size mini walking excavator developed and produced by our company mainly takes walking tractor as power, and can be randomly dragged to walk, featuring flexibility, convenience, easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving. The product has been applied for multiple national patents and passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality Management System. Since the product was put onto the market, it has earned praises from customers.

The mini walking excavator is applied to: home use in countryside, hole digging in garden, landscaping, site sand excavation, scientific research, irrigation and water conservancy, burying construction, etc.

About the delivery:

We will take the responsibility for any problems occurring in the transportation of the product since the date of delivery. Please check the product for transportation damage, artificial destruction, etc. first at the receiving of the product, and contact us for any above-mentioned problems, and we will fix it for you. Thank you for your cooperation!

We are sincerely recruiting agents from prefecture-level and municipal city:

In the golden age when machinery replaces worker, agricultural mechanical products have been used in all families. We are recruiting agents nationwide now. For the benefits of the agents, we make the following decision: only two agents are set up or an exclusive agent is set up in each province, and only one agent is set up in county or city. Please contact our customer service personnel if you are interested in this project.

Warranty period: the warranty period of the mini walking excavator is 6 months, but the warranty period of the walking tractor is based on manufacturer's warranties. In case of any problems, please contact us, and we will provide technical service within the shortest time upon the receiving of your notice. In case of quality problem of parts, we will send a new part (trade-in) to you by post within 24 hours, in the hope of solving the problem as soon as possible under the premise of not delaying your use. For products out of warranty period, we only charge for the cost price of the part.

Attentions for transaction:

For your benefits, please choose carefully and then place an order. As this type of mechanical product has quite high freight charge, the buyer should bear return freight in case of replacement.

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