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Multifunctional Forklift Truck

Product description

Telescopic handler, also called telescopic boom forklift truck, is a multipurpose forklift truck with off-road performance and telescopic booms.

Main application:

Construction site

Unload and transport building materials in short distance, direct throw the building materials to a working site, or feed the materials to truck-mounted crane and tower crane.

Carry materials on the construction site and clean the site.

Carry blocky, strip-type and irregularly shaped building materials with pallet fork and hanging appliance, carry bulk cargoes and flatten the ground with hopper, and perform high-altitude installation with high-altitude working platform, etc.

Industrial enterprise

Carry materials on rough ground.

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Carry forage packages in pasture, chop feeds, feed forages and clean excrement.

Package and carry forages and straws

★ Specifications and sizes can be customized according to actual applications of users.

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