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The characteristics and advantages of side-shift backhoe loader

Date:Apr 12,2017

As technology becomes more advanced, the design of the backhoe loader is also undergoing changes, from the beginning of the general backhoe loader to the lumbar backhoe loader, to the latest available side-shift backhoe loader, Our machinery and equipment industry will develop more and more mature. Here to tell you about the characteristics of side-shift backhoe loaders and advantages:

The drive system of the side-shift backhoe loader adopts the most advanced configuration in the world, and the four-speed synchronization is available with the voltage control. The brake system adopts the internal wet brake to adjust and no maintenance. The engine is equipped with the most advanced power. Pressure loader, greatly solved the general backhoe loader in the plateau area of ​​the operation of the restrictions; colleagues, hydraulic components are relatively upgraded to improve its reliability; this with side-shift function of the loader loader with single handle control , The arm can be controlled up and down the height of the bucket lift can also automatically adjust the smooth, easy to operate trouble. This machine is very suitable for work in the relatively narrow space, in the handling of materials, ditch ditch, and so have a greater advantage.

Of course, can not be ignored or the operator's operating room is comfortable, this excavation machine operating room with air conditioning system, vision, the whole design is very user-friendly, the operator will feel very comfortable and relaxed at work. Compared with the traditional backhoe loader, the side-shift backhoe loader is more stable in the running process, because of its lateral shift function to increase the scope of the operation, and the operator does not frequently adjust the vehicle position, both convenient and improve the work Efficiency, is a very good new backhoe loader.

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