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Excavator operation skills sharing

Date:Apr 12,2017

The excavator master know that in the construction process will be a variety of problems, if the equipment problems, not only affect the construction progress, but also the maintenance of the machine will shorten the life of the machine. Here are some of the old drivers to share some of the old drivers summed up a number of excavator operating skills, hoping to help everyone.

1, in order to increase the stability of the excavator, please ensure that the track and the ground is in full contact;

2, in the course of the operation must confirm the direction of the track to avoid rollover;

3, in the cab before the operation should be about to look around the terrain environment, in the excavator to do when the operation of the obstacles in the chest;

4, to avoid the final drive for the direction of mining operations, otherwise the hose and walking motor may be damaged;

There are a few lessons learned: when the bucket and the ground was thirty degrees angle, the mining of the smallest resistance and the most effort; stick mining angle in the first 45 degrees to 30 degrees between, and the use of bucket and The efficiency of the arm is the highest; the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, the stick cylinder and the rod are at right angles between the excavation force to achieve the maximum degree. Here is only part of the experience of the excavator driver summed up the experience, most of the operating skills also need to driver in the course of their own to sum up.

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