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Some Notes on Safety of Loader Operation

Date:Apr 12,2017

With the economic development and the pace of urban construction to speed up, more and more large-scale construction projects are gradually unfolded. As the loader is a large construction machinery, in the operation of the project will be accompanied by a variety of risks. But the construction units adhering to the people-oriented, safety first principle should try to avoid the construction process may be dangerous. So what are the precautions in operating the backhoe loader?

First of all, the operator before operating the equipment to seriously study the equipment operating specifications and instructions, in the course of the operation must be strictly in accordance with the norms to do, to avoid accidents due to improper operation;

Second, wear and operation must do the necessary security measures, such as with helmets, seat belts and so on;

Third, when the excavator in the construction site is not prohibited when the relevant personnel to enter the site; Fourth, when the loader problems need to repair, the first brake stop, cut off the power and then;

Finally, during the overhaul, if you need the bucket to lift the arm, be sure to fix the position to determine the bucket will not fall and then start the inspection.

Hope that every operator can standardize the safety of the work done.

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