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Backhoe loader safe operation technology

Date:Apr 12,2017

1. Excavation of the loader before digging the bucket mouth and legs to be fixed with the ground, so that the front and rear wheels from the ground, and maintain the level of the fuselage to improve the stability of the machine. Excavation operations should be turned before the loading bucket, so that the bucket toward the ground, and make the front wheel slightly away from the ground, depress and lock the brake pedal, and then out of the legs, so that the rear wheel and keep the horizontal position.

2. When the boom is lowered, such as sudden braking, the impact force caused by its inertia will damage the excavation device and can damage the stability of the machine and cause the dumping accident. Operation, the handle should be smooth, not a sharp move; boom can not be half-way brake. Do not use high gear when digging. The rotation should be smooth, not impacted and used to smash the side of the trench. The back of the buffer block should remain intact; if damaged, should be used before repair. When shifting, the excavation device should be in the middle of the transport state, put away the legs, lift the lift arm before proceeding.

3. Before the loading operation, the rotary mechanism of the excavating device should be placed in the middle position and fixed with a pull plate. In the loading process, should use low gear. When the bucket lift arm is lifted, the floating position of the valve should not be used. The hydraulic valve is equipped with the first four valves and the rear four valves, the front four valve control legs, lifting arm and loading bucket, etc., for the leg stretching and loading operations; after the four valve operation bucket, Arm and handle, etc., for rotary and excavation operations. Mechanical power performance and hydraulic system capacity are not allowed and can not be carried out at the same time loading and excavation operations.

4. In the first four valves work, after the four valves shall not work at the same time. In the driving or operation, in addition to the cab, the excavator is strictly prohibited anywhere or standing personnel.

5. General excavation loader The use of wheeled tractors as the mainframe, before and after the installation of loading and digging devices, so that the mechanical length and weight increase above, therefore, driving to avoid high-speed or sharp turn to prevent accidents. Downhill when not allowed to slip. When the bucket and the handle of the hydraulic piston rod to maintain a fully extended position, can make the bucket close to the boom, excavation device in the shortest state, is conducive to driving. When driving, the legs should be fully recovered, the excavation device should be fixed firmly, the loading device should be lowered, the bucket and bucket hydraulic piston rod should be maintained fully extended position.

6. Wheeled tractor converted into a backhoe loader, the machine weight increases a lot, in order to reduce the tire in the case of heavy damage, parking to take the rear wheel off the ground measures. When the parking time is exceeded, the legs should be supported so that the rear wheels are off the ground; when the parking time is exceeded, the rear wheels should be left off and should be supported by the pad under the rear suspension

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