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50 cases of excavator failure

Date:Apr 12,2017

To solve the excavator loader system failure is usually a rule to follow, the key is to clear the excavator system structure, working principle and adjustment methods, but also to master the basic method of judging. Here are some examples of excavator loader failure for the reader reference. Some of these failures can be difficult to see, but the method of judgment may be inspired by you.

1 an EX200-3, suddenly the whole car action jitter, but only in the excavator chassis slightly tilted in the case, such as diggers in the flat work is all normal. First heard this report, simply do not believe your ears. Driving to the scene after the observation, the machine workplace for an excavation of the ditch, the fault is really as reported. The test machine found that the machine chassis tilt when the jitter appears, once the excavator to work on the flat face, jitter then stop. Repeated so many times. EX-Docder display, jitter when A large when small, do not shake when A is normal. Peripheral components check everything is normal. At this time the weather has been late, agreed to fight day war. Turn the day to reach the scene, starting from the wiring harness check, because the night before the analysis: the components no problem, whether the problem lies in the bad contact on the line. First check the harness near the hydraulic pump, the results found: the bottom of the hydraulic pump for the A sensor and other components of the wire harness steel wire has been worn, exposed copper wire. When the chassis is seated, the steel clip is in contact with the copper wire, resulting in a short circuit. And because of the vibration of the hydraulic pump so that the two when the break caused by the action of the jitter; and the chassis sitting when the distance between the two far, can not touch. So working properly. Longkou City, the whole construction machinery factory

2 a modern R290LC, the hydraulic system when the oil temperature is high. After the detection system found that the main pump no-load pressure 10Mpa, the engine reaches the rated transfer when the no-load pressure of more than 20Mpa, and after the operation of the pump side of the executive body speed full. The analysis suggests that this phenomenon is contradictory. First check the no-load high-pressure problem; after the pump side of the multi-way valve is not stuck in the middle of the phenomenon, prone to stem is not in the middle of the spare valve in the front pump side, and nothing. By understanding, the hydraulic main pump has been overhauled recently, so it is suspected that after the main pump variable fork may be tripped shift, resulting in swashplate in a smaller displacement position. This can explain the problem of speed full, since the pressure in the smaller displacement is higher? Decomposition of the main pump, found that the variable variable fork fork trip shift, resulting in swashplate in a smaller displacement position. Due to lack of tightening force and is not required to add the thread locking rubber. After the repair test machine, there is no load high pressure phenomenon. Analysis of the hydraulic system diagram, found that after the pump caused by no-load high pressure is the biggest reason b mouth logic valve, if no load when the b mouth with additional signal pressure, you can cut off the main circuit caused by high pressure. Loosen and disengage the b-port signal tubing, start the engine to check, and still have high pressure. Research logic valve structure found in the back of its throttle filter, dismantling after the filter has been caused by foreign body blocked, cleared after the installed test, all normal.

3 a Carter 345B, working gap welding arm partial, welding ground parts in the rotary platform, and the power switch off the main switch. After the start of the engine, the engine running for about 1 minute to automatically shut down, and then start again, the engine does not work, but the starter work properly. The engine for the high pressure common rail EFI, model --------- check the error code: no exception.

4 a Komatsu PC200-5, the machine for the two mobile phones. The owner reflects the recovery from the machine after the arm to recover slower. Backhoe loader two busy test machine, in addition to the recovery of the remaining parts of the other forces are normal. In general, if accompanied by a boom, bucket, walking or boom, rotation, walking full of the phenomenon. Compared with the hydraulic system diagram, found Komatsu and other companies, the circuit has a so-called semi-flow valve semi-flow valve, specifically used to switch the arm when the recovery of a single main pump or dual main pump oil. Check the solenoid valve, do the bar to take back the action when the electrical signal is working properly, the solenoid valve outlet without oil. Decomposition of the valve, found the valve P, T, A mouth tubing installed anti-normal work when the double pump into a single pump flow. So the action is full. Correct installation of P, T, A mouth after the tubing test machine, the bar to take back the normal action. After the completion of maintenance to observe the aircraft and found the body of the English "crane style" text, that has been used for lifting work, may be used in the Japanese company for the crane work, deliberately modified the bar to take action to make it full, in order to facilitate To adapt to the lifting of the fine-tuning action.

5 Hitachi EX300-5, suddenly turn the action slowed down, and found no high and low block and the whole car automatic throttle. Reason: Pilot filter outlet all the way to the hydraulic oil into the five-pole multi-channel valve, used to provide rotary brake pressure oil and the whole car automatic throttle signal oil. There is a filter at the inlet of the pipe joint, which makes the above two pressures extremely low.

6 a Hitachi EX200-5, suddenly no walk down, only high block. Reason: walking high and low block there is a filter, the plug the filter, the travel motor variable piston oil can not be released into the tank, variable piston work when the travel motor displacement is minimal, it has been in a high block state.

7 a Hitachi ZAXIS330, suddenly the whole car holding the car, because: lead filter plug. A Hitachi ZAXIS200, a pump side of the full speed of action is weak. Pilot control block within the pump control valve failure.

8 a Kobelco SK230-6, the user reflects the sudden running deviation, the inspection is not only deviation and the speed of a pump side full of action. Description Reflect the phenomenon of machine failure points: true and comprehensive. Reason: a pump-controlled solenoid valve resistance becomes larger.

9 a Kobelco SK230-6, the instrument sometimes alarm, indicating pump solenoid valve failure, the reasons: the hydraulic pump below the wire tube wear and tear copper wire.

10 Hitachi EX200-1, left row full of power, reason: left multi-way valve front check valve damage

11 Hitachi EX200-1, right walk full of power arm bucket bucket full, reason: right multi-way valve side walking check valve at the card a piece of metal

12 a Sumitomo SH200-1, suddenly running to the left deviation. Reason: the solenoid valve within the spool stuck, stay in the working position, cut off the normal pump feedback pressure, so that the pump cylinder swing angle minimum. So part of the action becomes full.

13 Hitachi EX300-1, suddenly boom when the air to sink a section, and then rise, the reasons: multi-way valve stem valve stem 2 load check valve damage.

14 a Sumitomo SH200-1, suddenly the whole car no action, the reasons: the pilot solenoid valve coil burned.

15 a Sumitomo SH200-1, a Sumitomo SH200-1,

16 a Kobelco SK200-5, instrument panel appears a variety of alarm, reason: Cause: generator damage

17 Hitachi EX200-3, instrument panel oil pressure, charging alarm, and can not control the engine, the engine stops, the key can not be power, because: generator damage.

18 a Sumitomo SH200-1, full car speed full, reason: control the pilot oil solenoid valve damage.

19 a Kobelco SK200-5, side full of power, reason: the lower part of the driver room solenoid valve group a valve damage.

20 a Sumitomo SH200-1, early morning newspaper car hold the car, check the hydraulic circuit normal. It is understood that fog humidity last night, suspected air filter into the air problem, the owner made even yesterday afternoon just for new products, there can be no problem. After a strong request to remove the air filter machine, everything is normal. Indicating that the quality of air filter can not. When the air humidity is large, the paper swells, clogging the filter holes.

21 a Sumitomo SH200-1, facelift Han Duo hydraulic pump assembly, the side of the action hold the car, the other maintenance personnel to replace the side of the pump regulator spring, in exchange for the original work after the normal. Indicating that the P-Q curve characteristics of the changing pump are different.

22 a Kobelco SK200-5, overhaul the engine, the whole car speed is full, the fault code shows the engine speed no, after the fault is still full speed. Suspected of the computer board problems. Computer board other fault repair installed after the test, the fault remains the same. A does not work after adjustment. Then replaced the ROM, found that different models of ROM failure is different, and some do not reflect the same with the original fault; some boom lift when the stick automatically extended; only the correct ROM machine is working properly.

23 a Kobelco SK200-5 `5, suddenly appeared when the boom lift when the arm automatically extended, the rest of the normal action. Dashboard no fault display, the inspection of hydraulic circuits are no problem. Suspected computer board failure, replace a PHUD4432 after the normal, that the ROM for some reason lost the stored program. Indicating that the faulty dashboard does not have a fault code.

24 Hitachi EX200-3, multi-way valve replacement oil seal, the whole car no action. Reason: solenoid valve group P, T mouth anti-anti.

25 Hitachi EX200-3, multi-valve replacement oil seal, the left and right walking speed becomes full, and no walking gear. Reason: pilot control tube walking and spare valve installed anti.

26 Hitachi EX200-3, working with hydraulic hammer. Suddenly hammer work speed full, ten seconds to move, cut powerless. After checking the hydraulic hammer itself no problem. The spare valve of the valve after the disconnection of the pilot valve is not OK. With a three-way to access the tank, troubleshooting. Reason: solenoid valve group due to a factor to the standby valve compensation valve through the pilot oil, resulting in compensation valve valve check valve closed, so the action is abnormal.

27 a Kato HD820, suddenly side of the action full. Cause: The small spool in the pump regulator is stuck.

28 a Kato HD820, full car full. No fault code display. Suspected computer board failure, found a group burned, after the replacement of new products still. Check the pump control proportional valve pressure is low, adjusted after the normal.

29 a Carter 320B, the whole car speed full. Adjust the pump control proportional valve and pump torque valve is also invalid, not the action is full of fast but the car. Use the computer to check the parameters of the machine and found that the pump control proportional valve high and low start point pressure is not correct, according to 320B decoration manual parameters correctly adjusted after the success.

30 a Carter 320B, suddenly bite the car, check found in addition to this failure to go outside the high and low block phenomenon. Suspected circuit failure. Dashboard program check no engine speed, replace the speed sensor new, the fault is not ruled out. Computer board check OK. Focus on checking the line and found that the hydraulic pump under the shield will be about a 20 or so around the wiring harness 5, the correct connection after the two are in addition to the two failures. appear

31 a Carter 320B, suddenly the instrument panel display sometimes no time to determine the line should be relieved, according to the circuit schematic check: insurance to the instrument panel line normal, insurance observation to the computer board line normal, observe the computer board two plugs , Found on the right side of a loose, fixed after the failure did not appear. After the analysis of the plug should be loose after the contact, when the excavator appears when there is no vibration when the show.

32 Hitachi EX200-3, a sudden instrument panel display no power and insurance no problem. Doubt the dashboard itself. Check the internal non-corrosive corrosion, with a magnifying glass inspection, the lower part of the circuit board power supply part of a printed circuit cracks, welding test machine after the normal.

33 Hitachi EX200-3, hold the car. EX detector found, P sensor data is wrong, the other staff have been trained to repair the line. Check the results: P sensor signal line and ground line reverse, reply to normal. 34 a Kobelco SK200-3, the main pump intermediate one of the one-way valve installed anti.

35 Hitachi EX200-3, working for about an hour to hold the car. A sensor failure, with cold water cooling method to prove.

36 a Sumitomo SH200-1, suddenly the hydraulic pump noise anomalies, check the fuel tank has a lot of bubbles. Damage of main pump shaft shaft seal.

37 a Sumitomo SH200-1, the engine stopped, the hydraulic pump at the unusual irregular "Dangdang" sound, and a few days to become increasingly intense, flexible coupling damage.

38 Sumitomo SH220-1, diesel pump deterioration, with cold water cooling method to prove.

39 a Carter 320, suddenly the whole car no action, the elastic coupling of all four bolts, resulting in the main pump and pilot without hydraulic oil.

40 a Carter 320, pump variable piston wear,

41 a Komatsu PC200-6 hot car slow, the main safety valve wear. Grinding repair

42 a Kato HD900-7 suddenly on the car no action, but walking normal

43 Sumitomo S280 multi-way valve after the closure, the side of the action without, pump feedback valve and overload valve installed

44 a Carter E200B a pump no-load pressure is high, the pump is over, the variable feedback lever nut is too tight, the feedback lever stuck

45 Hitachi EX300-1, pile used. Rotate and run on the left. The stem is fitted.

46 a Hitachi EX200-2, suddenly the whole car action very slow, detection A small and the system pressure 10MPA, the main safety valve of the main spool was damaged O-ring particles blocked, the pressure can not be increased.

47 Hitachi EX200-2, suddenly the whole car action very slow, detection A small and system pressure 15MPA, the main safety valve main body of the valve body was padded, the pressure can not be increased.

48 Sumitomo S280 suddenly on the car no action, but walking normal. The main spool of the pilot safety valve is blocked by the damaged O-ring particles and the pressure can not be increased.

49 a Carter E300B suddenly the whole car is very slow action, the pilot valve safety valve main broken O-ring particles blocked, the pressure can not be increased. Pump A8VO107

50 a Hitachi 600 rotary excavator suddenly the whole car action very slow. The main spool of the pilot safety valve is blocked by the damaged O-ring particles and the pressure can not be increased. Pilot safety valve in the right side of the beam before and after 2/3.

51 a Carter E300B side of the main pump slow motion and accompanied by abnormal sound pump, the pump with the oil plate into and out of the oil tank.

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