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【Full mechanics】 How to install hammer with a backhoe loader

Date:Apr 12,2017

First, install

As most of the host in the factory have been set with a fitted with the port connector, so the installation of the hammer, only by the instructions of the requirements of the pipeline, joints and broken hammer can be connected together. The following are the same as the "

Second, use

1. Operation method

Proper operation improves the efficiency of the hammer and increases the service life. Operation notes have the following points:

(1) Every time you use, you should first check whether the high pressure or low pressure tubing of the hammer is loose. At the same time, it is advisable to check if the other parts are leaking at any time to prevent the tubing from falling off due to vibration. The following are the same as the "

(2) When the hammer is operated, the drill rod should always be in a vertical position with the surface of the object being crushed. And make the drill rod pressed crushed objects, broken immediately after the break hammer to work to prevent the air to play. Continuing the goalless impact will cause the precursor of the hammer to be damaged and the main body of the bolt loose, serious injury to the host itself. The following are the same as the "

(3) to break the role, do not shake the drill rod used, otherwise the main bolts and drill rods are likely to break; do not let the hammer quickly fall or hit on the hard stones, this will be due to excessive impact And damage the hammer or host. The following are the same as the "

(4) do not in the water or muddy ground for broken operations, in addition to drill rod, the other parts of the broken hammer body should not be immersed in water or mud, otherwise the piston and other similar parts will be due to the accumulation of mud Resulting in premature loss of broken hammer. The following are the same as the "

(5) When breaking a particularly hard object, you should start from the edge, do not hit the same point for more than 1min, to prevent the drill rod burned or hydraulic oil overheating. The following are the same as the "

(6) Do not use the hammer of the hammer as a tool to promote heavy objects, because the backhoe loaders are mainly small machine, its own light weight, if the thrust of its weight, the damage to the broken hammer, Boom broken, and even the occurrence of host rollover accident. The following are the same as the "

(7) Do not operate in full or full shrinkage of the hydraulic cylinder, otherwise the impact vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder, and thus transmitted to the host.

2. Maintenance As the working conditions of the hammer is very bad, the correct maintenance can reduce the machine failure, extend the life of the machine, in addition to the maintenance of the host in time, but also note the following:

(1) visual inspection. Check whether the bolt is loose; whether the connection pin is excessive wear; check the gap between the drill rod and its bushing is normal, during which there is oil leakage, indicating that the low pressure oil seal is damaged, should be replaced by professionals.

(2) lubrication. The lubrication point of the working device shall be lubricated after operation and after each continuous operation of 2 ~ 3h.

(3) Replace the hydraulic oil. Changes in hydraulic oil quality vary depending on the working environment, a simple way to determine the quality of oil is to observe the color of oil, when the oil situation is extremely serious, the oil should be released, and in the cleaning Fuel tank, oil filter and then into the new oil.

(4) The main body of the breaker is a set of precision parts including hydraulic circulation system. Generally, the factory without special equipment should not decompose itself and must be commissioned.

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