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Production Standard and Inspection of Full - mechanized Machinery Backhoe Loader

Date:Apr 11,2017

First, the welding quality inspection standards

① to ensure that the weld has enough mechanical strength, can not have Weld, bubble slag to ensure that the welding port has enough connection area.

② to ensure that the appearance of welding and welding pieces clean and tidy, a metallic luster weld surface gloss smooth no pull the bridge phenomenon, no crack pinhole.

③ welding is completed, to ensure that the surface of the weld no residue, and remove the splash solder.

Second, the assembly quality inspection

① fastener inspection fastener thread shall not have bruise, bolt screw head and fastened parts plane even contact, not tilted, bolts nut tightening is strictly prohibited using improper wrench, must be symmetrical cross turns successive tightening, the Stop the washer in the nut tightened after the gap should not be generated to ensure that the normal use of the process is not loose.

② hydraulic components to test the hydraulic components and piping in the assembly before the pipeline and the container must be clean, can not have rust, rubbing flattened broken rupture defects such as hose can not be distorted.

③ in the work after the force when the pipeline connection and sealing, piping interface, the external interface of the valve body should not have leakage of oil leakage.

④ shall not be hydraulic cylinder piston, cylinder, valve hole, screw hole plane, interface plane and other working surface bumps, taper thread tightening must be sealed material seal.

⑤ fuel tank, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves and other parts of the exposed surface and the cavity through the hole thread, if not immediately installed a good application of special closure or plastic bag, is strictly prohibited with cotton gauze, And so on.

⑥ hydraulic pipe arrangement, should be reasonable and easy to disassemble, shall not appear to suppress each other more than 800mm pipe should be installed fixed card holder, in the normal driving and work should not appear relaxation and vibration.

⑦ cab installation cab installation must be installed shock absorbers to prevent excessive noise.

⑧ engine, gearbox installation base must be added to reduce the shock pad, tank engine radiator shield must be installed properly, solid and meet the requirements.

⑨ axle of the installation, the bridge of the fixed pallet and the fixed frame of the fixed plate docking board to be flat, according to the installation of the Luo eyes can not be offset.

⑩ arm installation of the activities of the parts of the sleeve must be installed butter nozzle, the sleeve must be with oil groove, the sleeve gap ratio shall not be greater than less than 0.3 mm.

Third, the circuit system test

1, the circuit of various joints, electrical connectors, light connectors, wire connectors, should be connected in accordance with the correct method of solid and reliable, no break, broken, broken lines and so on.

2, the alignment should be arranged in a beautiful appearance, the wire is vulnerable to mechanical damage to the application of casing protection.

Fourth, the walking and braking system inspection brake system to ensure that the brake system line arrangement is reasonable and tidy, brake hose should avoid close to power and mechanical damage, not flattened, twisted. Brake pipe joints shall not leak, oil, more than 500mm hose, the application of the clip and the body fixed to prevent vibration loose, and mechanical damage, to ensure that the storage valve, safety valve normal work. Mechanical brake system shall not produce loose rods to ensure that the brake system is safe and reasonable travel, the rod safety lock the mother must be tightened after the adjustment is completed.

Walking system to ensure the reasonable operation of the gearbox to ensure that the stalls clear, smooth gear, clutch adjustment to ensure that the normal work, there is no clutch in place and too much separation to ensure that the clutch and the separation of the normal life of the clutch, mechanical clutch to ensure Clutch stroke, clutch lever, shall not be loose and empty trip, rod nut adjustment should be locked after completion of the adjustment.

Fifth, the power and steering system test power engine installation should ensure that support the engine support frame firmly. To ensure the level of the engine, and the installation of engine shock pad, the installation should ensure that the engine from the body and accessories mechanical damage to ensure a reasonable safe distance. Steering system, steering and installation should ensure that the steering machine in the normal working arm when the reasonable range of rotation, vertical and rod should ensure that no bending cracking.

6, rust and spray test the whole and parts of the surface coating, must ensure that the coating surface uniform and smooth without leaving marks, no accumulation of paint bright, no paint is not blistering, cracking, no wrinkles, no scratches, no color, decoration Lines straight, clear boundaries.

Paint parts must not be assembled until the paint is dry. No need to paint the parts of the polished pieces, plating parts, flange pieces are not allowed to scratch and bumps, before spraying should ensure that the workpiece surface shall not rust marks, greasy, all structural parts and non-processed surface should be sprayed Topcoat, after the completion of painting should ensure that the appearance of neat appearance. Clear outline, operation signs, signs.

Product name and company information must be affixed clearly and firmly, and the number of vehicles, the number should be neat and clear.

Note: Since August 19, 2013, the production workshop and the inspection department to be strictly in accordance with the above new standards, the product each completed a process by the responsible person in the record document signed, the product is completed after the assembly self-test by the test Staff inspection, inspection after the signature on the file, such as the product after the factory responsibility to implement the responsibility to the individual.

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