How can the excavator loader be stored for a long time?



How can the excavator loader be stored for a long time?

Excavating loaders are special vehicles. Operators must undergo factory training and guidance, fully understand the structure and performance of the machine, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before they can operate the machine. Precautions for long-term storage of excavating loaders must be parked in a dry room. When parking outdoors as a last resort, please choose a flat ground paving board and cover it with a cover after parking. Before long-term storage, the machine must be maintained, damaged parts repaired, thoroughly cleaned, and maintained in good technical condition. The arrangement and arrangement of the tarmac, the entry and exit of any machine must not be affected by other machines. Please place the fuel rod of the machine in the idle position. Place each pole in the neutral position. Then, let's learn how to store the excavator loader for a long time. It's appropriate!

  1. Storage of excavator engine

  Drain the cooling water in the engine and replace the oil. The new oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine. The fuel tank is filled with diesel to avoid rust in the fuel tank. When conditions permit, preservatives must also be added. During shutdown, the engine must be started once a month to make the machine walk a short distance and form a new oil film at the lubrication of each component to prevent rust.

  Note: Please fill with cooling water before starting, and add cooling water at the end.

  2. Storage of the battery of the excavator loader

  Remove the battery and put it in a dry and antifreeze-proof place. In order to keep the surface clean and dry, it is strictly forbidden to place conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, first cut off the negative electrode wire, and then cut off the positive electrode wire; please connect the positive electrode wire, and then connect the negative electrode wire. The electrical system of the excavator loader brakes on the negative side, so this is to prevent short circuits during battery disassembly and assembly. Lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.

  3. Anti-rust treatment of excavator loader

  Before storage, according to the size of the skin shedding area of the anti-rust paint on the outer surface, it must be determined whether to use the method of repairing the paint or the whole machine to repair the paint. The working equipment of the excavator, such as the screed of the paver, the bucket of the loader, the shovel of the leveling machine, and other exposed metal anti-rust methods, must be coated with butter.

  Mining loader operation steps:

  1. Preparation before operation: Before operation, you must carefully read the use and maintenance instructions or operation and maintenance manuals randomly provided by the manufacturing company, and proceed according to the information specified, and then run without load for 3-5 minutes to check whether all parts are normal. After confirming that everything is normal, you can start the loading operation. All items such as quality buckets need to be created wisely. Grand view.

  2. Before the machine starts: place the shift lever in the neutral position, each joystick in the parking position, the bucket operation in the floating position, and then start the engine.

  3. Check whether the tire pressure meets the prescribed requirements. Do not jump up and down during loader operation or driving. When the bucket rod needs to be raised to maintain the loader, the raised boom must be firmly supported to ensure that the boom will never fall under any maintenance conditions.

  4. Before operation, check the surroundings of the work site for obstacles and dangerous goods, and level the construction site to facilitate the entry of loaders and cars.

  5. Safety precautions before starting the engine of the excavator loader

  Confirm that the lighting of all lamps and lanterns and the indicators can be displayed normally. In particular, please check the normal display of the indicators and brake indicators. When starting the engine, the inspectors shall not work under the car or close to the loader to avoid endangering the safety of yourself or others in the event of an accident. The shift lever of the loader must be in neutral before starting. For braking systems without emergency braking, please place the manual brake handle in the parking position and only start or run the engine where the air flows well. When running indoors, please connect the exhaust port of the engine or face the outside.

  6. Safety precautions after the engine of the excavator is started and during operation

  After the engine of the excavator loader starts, the braking pressure reaches the safe air pressure and then prepares to start. To ensure the safety of braking while driving, press the emergency and parking brake valve buttons with emergency braking. After the emergency and parking brakes are released, you can hang up the I gear to start. When there is no emergency brake, just put down the parking brake handle and enter the parking brake to start.

  When clearing the faulty objects of the excavator loader advancing in the passage, please pay special attention to obstacles such as iron blocks and grooves so as not to cut off the tires, adjust the rearview mirror, ensure that the driver gets the field of view after taking the seat, and ensure that the excavator loader speakers, reversing lights and all safety devices are working normally.

  The above introduction is how to store the excavator loader for a long time. If you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!