Introduction to the basic structure of the mining robotic arm



Introduction to the basic structure of the mining robotic arm

The application range of mining robotic arms is very wide, and we definitely need to know its characteristics before using it so that we can better apply it.If you are interested in this topic, then let's take a look together, hoping to bring help to some relevant people.

We can tell from the name of this product, the mining robotic arm, its function and its use in those places.In fact, its function is to be able to imitate certain movement functions of the human hand and arm, and to be used as an automatic operating device for grabbing, handling objects or operating tools according to fixed procedures.Its characteristics are also very clear when used.Moreover, it can also be programmed to complete various expected tasks, and it has the advantages of both human and mechanical mobile devices in terms of structure and performance.There are four main driving mechanisms used in mining robotic arms, namely hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical.In addition, since you want to use it, what everyone needs to know is that usually mining robotic arms are actually mainly composed of hydraulic motors (various oil cylinders, oil motors), servo valves, oil pumps, fuel tanks, etc. The drive system is composed of.The overall structure is also very simple.Moreover, it is still operated by the actuator that drives the manipulator.Usually it has a great snatch ability (up to a few hundred kilograms or more), if you have any questions you don't understand, you can call us at any time to consult.There are online customer service staff here to receive you, and they will help you patiently answer any questions.

The mining robotic arm is also characterized by compact structure, stable movement, shock resistance and vibration resistance.Of course, it still has good explosion-proof properties when working, but hydraulic components require high manufacturing accuracy and sealing performance, otherwise oil spills will pollute the environment.Mining robotic arms are usually composed of cylinders, air valves, air tanks and air compressors, which are characterized by convenient air sources, rapid movement and simple structure.What you see also has advantages.Of course, its cost is low and it is easy to maintain.However, it is difficult to control the speed, and the air pressure should not be too high, so the snatch ability is low.In addition, the mining robotic arm can adopt a variety of flexible control schemes.The drive motor generally adopts stepper motor, and DC servo motor is the main drive method.For these basic information, everyone understands it before using it.Of course, due to the high speed of the motor, it usually has to use a deceleration mechanism, but now some manipulators have begun to use high-torque, low-speed motors without deceleration mechanism for direct drive, which can not only simplify the mechanism, but also improve the control accuracy well.

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